Remember about your dog:

"My life lasts only ten-fourteen years. Each parting with you for me the present grief. Think of it before to get me.

      You have a work, entertainments, friends. I have only you..."

Our one dog aprox. diet per 1. day:
Basis: dry food "Specific" or "Nutram" for giant breed puppy, they have all time available;
Fresh beef meet -600g
Cottage cheese less fat - 250g
Jogurt with bifido bacteria, without sugar-  250g
Female quail eggs-2 (whole with "skin")
Kefer - all time available.
Fresh water - all time available 

 Free stile in Leo mode, or our dogs playing (2,28min.)>>>>
 School ..... 26.02.08   >>>>>video (6.min.)
video agility>>>

If you are interested about usual dogs life - take a look here!
At this house- our owners call it as a HONEY BEAR FROM KLEISTI HOUSE - we came from a different part of a World. Here we met each other, and become best friends. And, whole together, we make a first decision  - here is a best place for life!!! You don't believe? Well.... Take a look!
...when it is more then +28C...  and...   ...when it is boring.
But sometimes our owners make a very strange decisions. Like one, they made one day ago, and we found ourselves at - SCHOOL!
  ...Aron!  Remember-best thing to do - never ever show, that you are  afraid... 
- Who are you?-   WOW! We could be friends!!!  
                  - you have extremely nice haircut! 
Hello! are you on diet?-    - Aron!       Here                           is another lady on diet!!!
                   -Guys! Better let's go for some nice play!
-You go, but I am  going to establish nice private connection with our teacher....      
well... looks like I am not alone with same thoughts....
   -Asterix, do you know a name of this nice lady?  
                   This girls have really nice shape! 
 Who knows something about hollidays here?!  
- Oh, guys! we don't care about holydays, as long one of our best human being is with us! 
Time is going.....or...running..... and suddenly  we felt, that it is right time for our garden renovation....
- Bayoware! Take this apple tree here - here is very nice and sunny place! Imagine - how our owners will be happy to see this transplantation !!!! 
After such a grate work, we deserve some relax!