IN YEAR 2007

  This year was a great start!

We get our 4 dogs, which was coming from different part of the World. We 100% change our life stile. We get a lot of new friends, and...lost some old ones... But, in fact,a real start was 2 years before- in 2005, when we begun very systematic search about different Leonberger kennels and Leonberger dogs Pedegree Database through Internet. We attend several Dog Shows and maid a personal contacts with Leonberger owners.  After this, we was waiting for some of our small Leo,s  more then 1 year....

                                  In the end of the year Liongate,s ASTERIX

                                            become  BEST PUPPY in Helsinki!



                                and  get 2 nd place (junior class)  in LEONBERG!