IN YEAR 2008

Liongate,s ASTERIX become

1.World Winner in junior class

2. Latvian Junior Champion


2.nd  place in LEONBERG Dog Show 

was BOB in  3 Dog Shows  and BOO in 1 Dog Show

Lejonklippans XLNT Xenix (ARON)

Get 3 times CACIB and 1 res. CACIB

was BOB in 2 Dog Shows

Earl DARIO Jr. vom Dreiburgenland

was BOB in 2 Dog Shows

Get 2 .nd place in BEST in SHOW  at Dog Show in Katowice

was Best Junior in 1 Dog Show

In 2008 we get in our kennel 3 new STARS:


HELEN vom LOVENGARTEN ( in coowner)


Now, take a look how it happen!